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Prices (as of 2015)

The prices may differ substantially depending on the specifications of the instrument. Every instrument is unique. Therefore the price is a matter of individuel arrangement.


More than 40 years of work experience ensure professional repairs of all plucked and bow instruments.


Shellac emerges from an interaction between animal and plant. It is caused by the sting of the female lac bug. The fertilized females concentrate at the extreme end points of the youngest limbs of some Indian trees (Croton laciferus and some ficus species) and hurt them. The resin that emerges is collected. Shellac is obtained by heating and spreading the liquefied compound on leaves. Shellac consists of gum, adhesive, wax and essential oils. The uncomparable varnish originates by dissolving it in denatured alcohol.

Shellac is a natural resin varnish without poisonous or harmful vapours. It does not consist of non-degradable environmental toxins. All ingredients are familiar and well-known to man from time immemorial.

The vibrancy qualities of shellac are much higher than those of synthetic resin laquers.

I recommend „Viol“ for cleaning and maintenance of shellac finishes.